World’s Coolest Intern

Value of this spastic photo: $15 cause it said “$15. BUY ME!”

Value of being The World’s Coolest Intern: Priceless.

With me, it’s zero to hero!

So… What does the word intern mean to you?

Intern- Dictionary meaning means… A student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience.

Stereoptyed intern- If interns are supposedly ranked and placed under a food chain or under the eco system, interns will be… The lowest life form, which is… I guess… Planktons? Yes, we are THAT small and THAT invisible. * Sobs and Sniffs 😦 *

My definition of an Intern? Yes, don’t have to remind me that sadly we are always the ones being “arrowed at”. Also, supposedly to be at the upper layers of the food chain aka permanent staff’s beck and call. Something like maybe… The pantry lady and postman. Yes, I know that universal truth but I BELIEVE WE ARE IMPORTANT. WHY? Simply because WE ARE THE PLANKTONS! Without us, the bigger living things wouldn’t have anything to feed on and will die of hunger. We are YOUNG. We are EVERGROWING. We DON’T read the news. We ARE the news, We SET the news.

As a Mass Communication student, we naturally have our news instinct always faster than the rest of the people. First to blog and tweet about the latest happenings around us. We set trends for people to follow. Most daring and most verbal people with the wildest ideas and teenage dreams. We are naturally hungry for news and wants to be predactors instead of the prey. I am no exception. DEAR ALIEN FROM PLANET MARS, KINDLY CONTACT ME IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. I WILL PERSONALLY GIVE YOU  TUTORIALS ON IT! 🙂

It was love at first sight. * Bollywood catchy rhythmic booming music starts* Yes, replay the Bollywood scene of man meeting woman under the coconut tree playing hide and seek, flirting and sending love messages at each other. Twitter is the man, Facebook is the woman and I AM the coconut tree.  They revolve around me, I revolve around them- I cannot live/ leave them. Without them, I am just a nobody, if Facebook is real and can like people, I should be the first to like. A loyal supporter and fan of Facebook 24/7, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Twitter? Bitching comes in nibbits now, any random idea or thought that strucks me will be out on Twitter.

So… Why am I cool enough to be the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank for a 6-month internship programme and get paid SGD 30,000 for it.

Let me give you ten reasons why I am the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank * Drumrolls *

1.)I’m a very tall girl standing at 1.8m or 5’11ft. Who else stands up better that I am? I believe that be it meetings or conferences, I am very sure I can leave a strong and vivid impression of me because I am that memorable. Being memorable makes next meetings more successful, and there will be less tension and akwardness.
2.) I’m a confident chatterbox, I talk non-stop and literally am the boom box everywhere I go. I voice my opinions and I love talking. I believe that constructive comments and critisms are good because they just make you stronger. I’m sure the office will be filled with constructive comments that will make the bank’s image better and more prominiment in the banking world with me around.

3.) I’m bubbly and fun loving. No one can start the party without me!  I will revolutionalised the ideology of an office. Instead of describing the office with words like BORING, COLD AND SLEEPY… I will change those negative words and probably describe the office with words like FUN, EXCITEMENT AND HYPE! Provided if I am in the office of course. The office will definitely be different with me.

4.) I’m an energizer bunny, bountiful of energy and always spreading the love everywhere I go. I never run out of energy. Just like the brand promise for Standard Chartered Bank, I am here for good. Well, at lease for 6 months! It will never be the same with me aroud.

5.) I’m outspoken, always in the centre of stage with the most ideas. I am an idea- generator. “Dramatised THANK YOU THANK YOU sounding” just like the Oscars. All the A-list stars are recognized for their efforts . Shouldn’t make an exception cause I am too!

6.) I’m 200% drama-mama, give me all you have and I will show you what I got. The power of Lynn, The power of M+ E = ME!

7.) I’m a sucker for Twitter and Facebook. Everyone wants to get connected now through the social media. Through my ways and means, I will connect the world and everyone of my friends. How awesome is my internship at Standard Chartered Bank? Very awesome, just look at my X number of tweets and X number of Facebook wall posts! It’s in Buzz Lightyear’s words… ” TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!”

8.) Standard Chartered Bank’s Values are Courageous, Responsive, International, Creative and Trustworthy. Oh, I’m shy! Why are you naming my values?  I am the perfect living example for the bank’s values. They are all instilled in me! * Grins + 😀 *

9.) SGD $30,000. Many of you will be thinking how you want to use the money. Me? I believe that the internship I will have at Standard Chartered Bank is more that the monetary value and my precious experiences there will definitely exceed $30,000. Add more zeros to it, I gain much more. Standard Chartered Bank is aiming to be the world’s best international bank, leading the way I Asia, Africa and the Middle East. With me, the world’s coolest intern, I am sure I will lead the way more than just in Asia, Africa and the Middle East!

10). After reading the first 9 reasons, need I say more why am I the coolest intern? What are you hesitating, dear judges? I am the one your looking for! Pick up the phone and call me already! I am eagerly waiting for your call! 🙂


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